Assortment of strong watermelons

Assortment of strong watermelons

Watermelons are one of the strongest Ergon Seed product groups.
What makes them so significant?

Farmers appreciate the strong plant (strong root system and leaves cover), resistances to Fusarium and Anthracnose and total high yield.

Traders like different attractive shapes, weight, color and long shelf life of the fruits.

Consumers are fond of excellent sweet taste and good texture of the fruits.

Ergon Seed has such watermelon types in its portfolio:

  • Crimson Sweet
  • Sugar Baby
  • Tiger
  • Charleston Grey

We are glad to represent to you also seedless watermelon hybrids and baby watermelon (3-4 kg).

You can see all the assortment of watermelon varieties via a link WATERMELONS and choose the best variety for you.

If you like to test these varieties or are interested in another products, please contact our staff via [email protected] or fill in the contact form.

ES 85146 F1 2
ES 85146 F1
ES 55023 F1 1
ES 55023 F1
ES 95011 F1 2
ES 95011 F1
ES 75111 F1 1
ES 75111 F1
ES 75126 F1 1
ES 75126 F1