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Our watermelon seed varieties

The reason why you should choose Ergon Seed as your watermelon seed supplier? We are recognized as a supplier of an interesting range of watermelon varieties in the Crimson Sweet segment. The assortment consists of round, oval-round, oval-oblong and oblong varieties for all sorts of cultivations. Alongside our Crimson Sweet watermelons, we offer also seedless Crimson Sweet hybrids as well as Charleston Grey and Sugar Baby hybrid watermelon varieties.

The best growing watermelons

Our watermelon seeds distinguish themselves by a high production of uniform fruits. They are juicy with a full and deep red flesh colour with an excellent rind, texture, and taste. Furthermore, our watermelons have a very good shelf life and they are not sensitive to cracking. Throughout the world, our watermelon varieties are fully recognized and highly appreciated. That’s why Ergon Seed is your desired watermelon seed supplier.

Various types of watermelons

Ergon Seed offers a broad assortment of watermelon seed varieties. Our watermelon seeds in the Crimson Sweet segment are known for their strength and a good root system and good field tolerance to Fusarium and Anthracnose. Moreover, they are popular for their high sugar content and rich flavor. We also offer watermelon varieties in the Charleston Grey segment which are known for their bright red flesh colour, wide adaptability, high yield, and good fruit quality. Our Sugar Baby watermelons are part of the dark green segment. This watermelon type is known for its firm red flesh with a sweet taste. Also they are very early with a high production of uniform fruits.

Quick overview watermelons

Crimson Sweet
Charleston Grey
Sugar Baby/dark green

Need advice on which watermelon variety to choose? Please contact us by using the contact form. Looking for something else? We offer a wide range of vegetable seed varieties that yield a good and stable crop under a wide range of conditions.