Our Team

Our team

Jan Jacob de bruin

managing director

[email protected]

Since 1995, the foundation of Ergon International, I strive to create the conditions appropriate for an excellent performance and continuous growth of the company.

In my little free time you can often find me swimming in the outside pool in our town. Also I like to walk in nature where it is always fascinating to look at everything thats grows and flourishes. This is also a reason to give my full support to and be a member of the Dutch Rare Breed Survival Trust (SZH).

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Ansela Dekker

customer service - various accounts

[email protected]

In my portfolio I have a wide number of accounts from various areas and with different backgrounds. I take care that our clients are getting the proper seeds, the desired packing and the required documents. Together with one of my colleagues I also carry out the germination tests.

In my spare time I like to play volleyball and watch all kinds of sports.

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Vita Palamarchuk

product manager

[email protected]

Ergon Seed company has a wide assortment of high quality products. And my main task is to learn the demand of each agent in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and propose the best varieties for each separate conditions and areas. There are no universal varieties in the world, but there are products that meet exactly your needs. Together with my colleagues we keep in contact with all our agents, support them and developing their markets together.
I believe, that open mind, love to agriculture, close cooperation with agents and colleagues (as I call it “Ergon community”), hard work, developing ourselves and the excellent knowledge of what you do, will help all our Ergon community have a successful business and me as well.
I’m proud to have strong Ukrainian soul and I believe we will have a great cooperation with our agents from Eastern Europe and Central Asia that are so close to me mentally.

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Julia Manshanden-Riepstra


[email protected]

It is my job to keep the financial records for Ergon. I make sure the figures are accurate, up-to-date and crystal clear.

In my spare time I like to read and make jigsaw puzzles. I also walk almost every day.

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Margriet de Vries-Pouw

employee seed packing unit

As employee seed packing unit it is very important to be accurate and precise. The logistic work therefore remains a nice challenge to do. Besides receiving and packing the vegetable seeds, I pay special attention to preparing the commercial samples, which I execute with the greatest care. A good commercial introduction is the basis for a growing company.

In my spare time I like to swim, walk and cycle. I am chairman of a ladies choir where I sing with great pleasure. As a volunteer I collect for the National Kidney Foundation and on top of all this I love to go on vacation with my family to the Greek sun.

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Patricia Hoffer-Kossen

Employee seed packing unit

Before joining Ergon, I worked for many years as an interior caretaker for my employer Mr. de Bruin and his family. When I was asked to come and work at Ergon, I accepted the offer with both hands. And now I am a seed packer at the seed packing unit. I enjoy my work very much and the team I work with is also great. In my spare time I mainly clean my house and take care of my father. And doing fun things with my family.

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Edwin Blom

account manager

[email protected]

As account manager I am in close contact with our current clients and new business relations. Together with my experienced colleagues I set up new business activities in the areas where Ergon operates. In addition to my customer service responsibilities, I try to contribute to the introduction of new selected varieties into the market. All this in cooperation with our technical sales engineer.

In order to relax I play football (soccer) and, of course, I also like to watch a good football game. I work out every week and like to watch Formula One races on television.

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Miranda Raven

customer service - stock management and registration

[email protected]

My main responsibilities are Ergon’s stock management, variety registration and customer service. I aim to carry out these administrative tasks in the best possible way.

At home I love to work in my garden to grow my own vegetables.

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Lana de Bruin-Boon

non-sales related activities - website

[email protected]

Responsible for all non-sales related activities within Ergon. In addition, I am involved with all our website issues and the photography of our products both in our greenhouses and on location.

In my free time you can find me, of course, with my camera taking pictures from all that passes by. For many years now I have been dancing with a close sacred dance ladies group, for me a way to achieve a state of inner peace and tranquility.

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Anneke Hovenier

employee seed packing unit - crop care employee

As crop care employee I take great pleasure in carrying out all the necessary activities in our greenhouses. In addition, I assist with the packing of the vegetable seeds. It is very precise work, to which I fully commit myself.

I am very glad to live with my husband and children in the beautiful little town of Westwoud. I like to be outside working in our vegetable garden. I also enjoy very much baking pies and cakes, especially apple pies.

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Evert Bakker

crop care employee

As crop care employee I am involved in interesting and accurate work in our greenhouses together with my colleagues. From sowing, planting and all further activities, including the harvest, we ensure that all vegetable trials succeed as good as possible in order to evaluate the various varieties for the different regions all over the world.

In my free time I like to walk, I regularly go to music performances of different bands, mostly in the blues-rock style and for 35 years now I have been playing in the table tennis competition, which I still enjoy doing.

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We are always looking for more team members. Keep an eye out on our vacancy page.