What’s about hot peppers?

What’s about hot peppers?

Ergon Seed has strong hot pepper varieties in its assortment, and today we want to represent three varieties from different segments.

  • ES 70007 F1 is Asian Chilly type variety with attractive fruits and high concentrated production.

Colour: dark green to dark red; length: 16 cm; width: 1,5 cm.

  • ES 7572 F1 – nice, slender, and shiny fruits and high total yield.

Colour: green to red; length: 22 cm; width: 5-6 cm.

  • ES 7544 F1 – early variety with resistance to Tomato Mosaic Virus (0,1,2) and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus. This variety is in a big demand especially in the North Africa.

Colour: light green to red; length: 24-26 cm; width: 5 cm.

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ES 70007 F1 1
ES 70007 F1
ES 7544 F1 1
ES 7544 F1
ES 7572 F1 1
ES 7572 F1