Watermelon variety you will remember

Watermelon variety you will remember

Watermelons are one of the strongest Ergon Seed product groups. Ergon Seed has such watermelon types in its portfolio as Crimson Sweet, Sugar Baby, Tiger, and Charleston Grey. However today we would like to represent one of our Superstars in the assortment. And it’s Crimson Sweet type watermelon ES 75127 F1.

ES 75127 F1 – a strong mid-early hybrid with high-quality tasty flesh.

  • Maturity: medium early.
  • Oval fruits of fruit weight 10-14 kg.
  • Attractive green rind with light green stripes.
  • Strong root system.
  • Nice red flesh color and excellent taste.

Farmers appreciate the strong plant (strong root system and leaves cover), tolerance to Fusarium and Anthracnose, and total high yield.

Traders like the shape, weight, color, and long shelf life of the fruits.

Consumers are fond of the excellent sweet taste and good texture of the fruits.

ES 75127 F1 is already successfully cultivated in the countries of North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

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