New pepper varieties

New pepper varieties

This month we would like to show our new sweet and pointed peppers ES 6678 F1, ES 6682 F1 and ES 6684 F1.

ES 6678 F1 matures early, produces uniform fruits and has a good leaf cover. The fruit colour is light green and the average fruit weight is 150-180 grams.

ES 6682 F1 matures medium and has a good setting with long pointed fruits. The plant is vigorous with constant production. The fruit colour is medium green and the average fruit weight is 160-180 grams.

ES 6684 F1 matures very early, has uniform fruits and has an impressive and constant production. The fruit colour is white/ivory and the average fruit weight is 140-160 grams.

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sweet peppers es 6682 f1
ES 6682 F1
sweet peppers es 6678 f1
ES 6678F1
sweet peppers es 6684 f1
ES 6684 F1