New eggplant varieties

New eggplant varieties

Over the past year we have tested several eggplant varieties in our greenhouse in Andijk. In this news item we are pleased to present two of these tested eggplant varieties, namely ES 3591 F1 and ES 3592 F1.

Both varieties are outstanding and selected due to their excellent productivity, vigorous plants and their beautiful dark coloured fruits (ranging from deep purple to black). In addition, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Of course, these two varieties also have their own unique qualities. The fruits of the ES 3591 F1 have a drop shape and an average length of 18 – 20 centimetres. ES 3592 F1 has oval shaped fruits and the average fruit length is 17-19 centimetres.

View the photos below for an impression of the two varieties.

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