Indeterminate tomatoes red: focused on big sized fruits and strong plants

Indeterminate tomatoes red: focused on big sized fruits and strong plants

You wanted it – we made it!

We are pleased to represent you really promising and strong new varieties of indeterminate red tomatoes, that showed excellent testing results and became now commercial:

  • ES 5511 F1
  • ES 5516 F1
  • ES 5441 F1

As known, Ergon Seed is focused on strong plants with resistances to different diseases and viruses in order to adapt to different conditions and show the highest possible yield. The varieties ES 5511 F1ES 5516 F1 and ES 5441 F1 are not the exception, as they have the resistance to Tomato mosaic virus, Verticillium, Fusarium (2), Nematodes and Tomato spotted wilt virus. In addition to this list the variety ES 5511 F1 is resistant to Fusarium crown and root rot, and ES 5516 F1 is resistant to Tomato yellow leaf curl virus.

But, the another demand of other clients from a lot of countries was the big sized fruits. After a lot of trials and dozens of varieties, we are glad to say, that ES 5511 F1, ES 5516 F1 and ES 5441 F1 are those that can cover your demand. The fruits are of medium size 250+ gr and potential till 400 gr and more in our greenhouses in Netherlands and in the results of our clients in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

If you like to test the variety or are interested in another varieties, please contact our staff via [email protected] or fill in the contact form.

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