Ergon’s Crimson Sweet Watermelons

Ergon’s Crimson Sweet Watermelons

One of Ergon’s specialties is the diverse and wide range of watermelon seeds, especially of the Crimson Sweet types. We would like to share more information about three of our Crimson Sweet types

Our ES 75111 F1, also known as Camas F1, has oval shaped fruits with an average fruit weight of 12-14 kg. The plants of this variety are generative and have a very good fruit set. The thin skin of the fruits is dark green with light green stripes. The skin contrasts beautifully with the red and crispy flesh of the fruits. In addition to appearance, these fruits taste great. This variety is an excellent choice for a continental climate.

crimson sweet watermelon es 75111 f1
ES 75111 F1

The ES 75114 has uniform oval/oblong shaped fruits. The average weight per fruit is 13-15 kg. This variety is medium early and the plants have a very good fruit set. The rind is dark green with nice light green stripes. And of course the very crispy and balanced taste of the fruits is a plus! This variety has a wide adaptability.

crimson sweet watermelon es 75114 f1
ES 75114 F1

ES 75156 F1 is one of our latest varieties and a very suitable addition to our product range. The fruits of this variety have an elongated shape with green skin and light green stripes. The average weight per plant is 12-16 kg. The plants perform very well and produce fruits with a nice skin. The taste of the red flesh of the fruits is very good and tasteful. This variety is very suitable for an arid climate.

All these three varieties have a good field tolerance to Fusarium and Anthracnose.

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