Eggplants of high quality

Eggplants of high quality

We receive a lot of eggplant varieties from our breeders, but there are two of them which are the strongest in their segments and generally on the market.

We are sure you have already tested ES 3530 F1, which is of elongated shape with excellent fruit up till the end of the cultivation period and great adaptivity. Not yet? You have to do it! ES 3530 F1 has a high total yield, the fruits are firm, they have small quantity of seeds and look attractive to both growers and consumers.

It’s difficult to find a strong drop shape eggplant variety, isn’t it? We are lucky to represent it to you.

ES 3592 F1 is the early variety with big, firm, shiny and almost black fruits. Farmers like its productivity and a long cultivation period of high quality fruits.


We are working on new eggplant varieties of different segments and will inform you about the best ones.

If you like to test these varieties or are interested in another products, please contact our staff via [email protected] or fill in the contact form.

Weight, g
Width, cm
Length, cm
Fruit colour
Fruit shape
Plant habit
Production system
ES 3530 F1
deep dark black
elongated, pear shape
medium early
very strong 100-120 cm
outdoor / indoor
excellent fruit up to the end of the cultivation period; widely adapted
ES 3592 F1
deep purple /black
drop shape
outdoor / indoor
early variety, big fruits
ES 3530 F1
ES 3592 F1