Determinate blocky/roma tomatoes

Determinate blocky/roma tomatoes

In our last news item we showed three determinate round tomato varieties and now we continue with our beautiful determinate tomato varieties, this time with three blocky/roma varieties.

First of all, we would like to point out our stable and well-established ES 9152 F1, a productive variety with very uniform fruits. The very firm fruits have a good shelf life and a blocky/roma shape. The average fruit weight is 165 – 175 grams. A bonus is the strong plant habit with an easy and good fruit set. In addition, this variety offers various possibilities when it comes to sowing period, namely spring, late summer, autumn and winter. The seeds are convenient to grow under continental circumstances. The resistance of this variety is VF3NPSwTy.

Our ES 9199 F1 is the same generation as the ES 9152 F1, an established variety, but relatively new compared to some of our round determinate tomatoes, such as the ES 961 F1. The ES 9199 F1 is an interesting and good choice in the field of determinate tomato seeds! This variety is productive and offers uniform fruits with a fruit weight between 140 – 195 grams. The fruits are blocky shaped and have a good shelf life. This variety produces vigorous plants with an easy and good fruit set. Sowing can take place in the late summer, autumn or winter. This variety thrives in dry, warm areas. The resistance of this variety is VF3NPSwTy.

Last but not least, we want to present our new ES 9293 F1, a very productive variety with short blocky fruits. The firm fruits have a shiny red colour with a good shelf life. The fruits weigh between 120 – 175 grams. This variety also has an easy and good fruit set. The seeds are suitable for spring, summer and autumn cultivation in dry, warm areas. The resistance is TMVF2PSwTy(t).

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