Cluster tomato ES 5455 F1 – results in Albania

Cluster tomato ES 5455 F1 – results in Albania

A big season of learning results has begun and it means that we start to share the information from different countries with you. Today we would like to pay your attention to the productive variety with really attractive fruits – ES 5455 F1.

ES 5455 F1indeterminate productive cluster tomato of early maturity.


  • deep red color;
  • 180-220 g;
  • globe shape;
  • firm, without cracking;


  • compact and easy to work with, well organized plant;
  • very good fruit setting by bumble bees;
  • high resistance to Tm, V, F2, N, Sw, Fc.


Isn’t is perfect for supermarkets and export?

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Photos: Albania, 8 May 2023

IMG 4726
ES 5455 F1
IMG 4777
ES 5455 F1
IMG 4725
ES 5455 F1