Assortment of cucumbers

Assortment of cucumbers

Ergon Seed is developing strong varieties of such types of cucumbers:

  • Mini cucumber
  • Baby cucumber
  • Pickling cucumber

While developing all the cucumber varieties, we pay special attention to a strong plant with high resistance to viruses, such as CYSDV resistance of mini cucumbers, the difference of growing periods and areas of our clients, and of course attractive fruits, as for example dark green, uniform and slender pickling cucumbers. All our varieties have uniform fruits and a high total yield.

As all regions have their special demand for cucumbers, we continue working on making a wide assortment to cover the demand of all our clients. And we have a lot of products with different shape, length, color, skin type and adaptivity on the test stage that can get their special place in your assortment.

Check our news to be the first, who can test new products. We will keep you updated.

If you like to test the varieties, please contact our staff via [email protected] or fill in the contact form.

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