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Rootstocks are used for grafting. Grafting means to fruit and vegetable growing what selective breeding means to animal husbandry. The idea is to ‘breed’ a variety, or to connect one variety with certain desirable characteristics to another variety which has different, but equally desirable characteristics.


Grafting involves splicing the fruit-producing shoots – called the ‘scions’ – of one variety and attaching it to the rootstock of another variety. The cleft-, tube- or tongue-approach technique are used for this. The most common reason for grafting is the wish to create a disease resistant variety and to provide the plant with good roots. It is a striking fact, that if there is a good match between the cultivar and the rootstock of e.g. tomatoes, the results will show uniform clusters with heavier fruits, high brix, good fruit setting and better taste. Also, less fertilizer is needed during the growth period.

Our offer

Ergon has a wide assortment of rootstocks for the following species: tomatoes, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. Ergon’s hybrid rootstocks are not only widely appreciated for their disease resistance, but also for the properties which improve uniformity and fruit setting, strengthen root systems and increasing yields.

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