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Sunday 9 December 2018

Indeterminate tomato varieties ES 5180 F1 and ES 5182 F1

As the growing season for indoor tomatoes is soon to begin in among others Uzbekistan, Khazakstan and the Caucasus we would like to draw your attention to our two indeterminate tomato varieties ES 5180 F1 and ES 5182 F1.

These varieties have a very good shelf life which results in an excellent transportability and keepability of the fruits. Next to this they have a good Ty-resistance.

Since the introduction into the market, variety ES 5180 F1 and variety ES 5182 F1 are increasingly being recognized and have proven to be valuable because of the following features:

  • compact plant
  • wide adaptability
  • high yield
  • uniform fruits with an excellent shelf life and firmness
  • fruit weight 230-300 grams

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Have a closer look at the photos below and simply see how uniform the fruits are!