Successful Ergon products in Tunisia

Successful Ergon products in Tunisia

Hot pepper ES 7475 F1 (Arij F1)

El Moussem is already for a number of years succesfully distributing Ergon’s hot pepper ES 7475 F1 (Arij F1) in the Tunisian market.

ES 7475 F1 is a very productive semi compact variety with high total yield of uniform fruits. It is an excellent variety for cultivation in North Africa and Middle East growing conditions.

Watermelon  ES 75127 F1 (Tanit F1)

El Moussem, distributor for Ergon Seed in Tunisia, has succesfully introduced our excellent perfoming watermelon variety ES 75127 F1 (Tanit F1)

ES 75127 F1 is an oval-elongated Crimson Sweet variety with excellent features for countries with hot, dry and arid climate conditions, such as North Africa, Middle East and countries in Central Asia like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

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