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Squash varieties

Ergon offers a full range of advanced squash varieties, such as white, light green, dark green, and speckled grey squash types. Our squash varieties are conical or cylindrical shaped and suitable for open field and indoor growing.

Our squash varieties are resistant to the major virus diseases, such as Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV), Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus (ZYMV) and Watermelon Mosaic Virus (WMV).

Combined with a high mildew tolerance/resistance (PM) our squash varieties guarantee a strong squash plant and a long-lasting production.

Our assortment

Our squash assortment is divided into two segments: the light green squash segment and the dark green squash segment.

Assortment determinate tomato varieties

Our light green squash varieties are suitable for various growing seasons. Whereas some squash varieties have a good cold tolerance, other varieties have a good heat tolerance.

Dark green squash segment

Our dark green squash variety is suitable for various growing seasons and has an open plant habit. This medium-early variety produces nice, cylindrical, medium-dark green fruits and yields a high production.

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Light green segment
• Dark green segment

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