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Semi-determinate tomatoes for indoor and outdoor cultivation

Semi-determinate tomatoes

Ergon Seed offers semi-determinate tomato varieties for indoor and outdoor cultivation. We develop an interesting range of semi-determinate tomatoes with 5 to 7 clusters for early cultivation under plastic tunnels and grown on wire outdoor.

Semi-determinate tomatoes for indoor and outdoor growing

Ergon Seed supplies a tomato hybrid convenient for early spring cultivation in plastic tunnels in continental climates. When it comes to semi-determinate tomatoes, we focus on earliness, fruit quality and – of course – on full disease resistance. The types of semi-determinate tomatoes we have in our assortment are the round types. These semi-determinate tomato varieties are known for their high production of uniform clusers of shiny, big red, round fruits.

Quick overview semi-determinate tomatoes

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