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Our pepper varieties

Ergon Seed supplies a full range of pepper varieties. We offer sweet pepper varieties such as blocky types, lamuyo types, Charleston peppers, and wrinkled, thin-skinned blocky types. Besides sweet peppers, Ergon Seed also offers a wide assortment of interesting hot pepper varieties for all kinds of purposes. That’s the reason Ergon Seed is your professional supplier when it comes to pepper seeds!

Sweet peppers

We offer the best sweet pepper varieties suitable for different growing conditions. Our blocky thick-walled peppers for indoors perform very well and distinguish themselves with their high production of nice blocky fruits. Also in our assortment we have outdoor blocky thick-walled sweet peppers and additionally, Ergon Seed can provide you with blocky thin-walled varieties, which are early with a high total yield.

Next to our blocky peppers, we offer Charleston type varieties and our Sweet bites with their shiny fruits.

Hot peppers

Besides our sweet peppers, we have all sorts of hot pepper varieties. We offer a Sivri type and a full range of Long Conical hot pepper varieties. Thirdly and lastly, Ergon Seed has several nice Jalapeño peppers in its assortment.

Do you wish to retrieve further product specifications of our pepper varieties? Please contact us by using the contact form. Besides peppers, we offer a wide range of vegetable seed varieties that yield a good and stable crop under a wide range of conditions.

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