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Mini plum, cocktail and cherry tomatoes

Indeterminate tomatoes for indoor cultivation

Mini plum, cocktail and cherry tomatoes

variety resistance weight (g) nr. of cells fruit colour shelf life firmness fruit shape maturity plant habit pdf
ES 5005-232 F1 TmVNTy 35 2 brownish red with green stripes / zebra type good very good round early balanced plant
ES 5005-257 F1 TmF2NTy 18-20 2 red excellent excellent round medium vegetative plant with short internodes
ES 5005-270 F1 TmVF2N Sw Ty 10-15 2 deep red good firm round very early strong
ES 5005-815 F1 TmFPSwTy 15-19 2 shiny red good firm plum/blocky very early open
ES 5005-817 F1 TmVF3N(ir)Ty 10-15 2 red excellent excellent plum very early open splitting clusters
ES 5005-831 F1 TmFNSw(Ty) 15-19 2 orange very good very good plum early balanced plant with short internodes
ES 51015 F1 F2N 12-18 2 yellow good firm mini San Marzano early strong, balanced
ES 51076 F1 TmFNPSwTy(hr) 20-25 2 red good firm plum/San Marzano early strong, balanced

Tm: Tomato Mosaic Virus
V: Verticillium Wilt
F: Fusarium Wilt
N: Nematodes
P: Tomato Bacterial Speck
Sw: Tomato Spotted Wild Virus
Ty: Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus

ir: intermediate resistance
hr: high resistance