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Indeterminate tomatoes for protected cultivation

Our indeterminate tomatoes

Ergon Seed supplies a wide range of indeterminate tomatoes for protected cultivation. All may be grown under a number of different conditions, for example in plastic tunnels or in glass greenhouses.

Our goal

The main goal for our indeterminate tomatoes is to provide the very best tomato hybrids, modified to meet the wishes of professional growers throughout our sales areas.

The tomato varieties are resistant to the standard diseases as well as to Root Knot Nematode (N), Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (Sw) and Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (Ty).

All our indeterminate tomato varieties have a wide adaptability. Under specified environmental conditions they perform wonderfully by showing a high production, uniformity and an excellent fruit quality.

Ergon Seed can supply varieties for very early cultivation (early spring), as well as for cultivation through the winter in warmer areas. We also offer varieties for indoor summer cultivation.

We provide the full range, from the big and medium sized single picking beef tomatoes to the smaller single picking varieties and from all assortments of cluster tomatoes to plum- and roma shaped tomatoes and cocktail-, cherry- and candy types.


Single pick round beef tomatoes
Marmande beef
Coeur de Boeuf/oxheart tomatoes
Cluster tomatoes
Cocktail and cherry tomatoes
Saladette type tomatoes

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