specialised in vegetable seeds

Determinate tomatoes for outdoor cultivation

Round type

variety resistance weight (g) nr. of cells fruit colour shelf life firmness fruit shape maturity plant habit pdf
ES 961 F1 TmVF2Ty 200-300 multi red good good round to globe medium strong
ES 9083 F1 TmVF2FcTy 180-225 multi red good good globe medium medium
ES 9087 F1 TmVF2Ty 175-225 multi deep red very good very good globe medium / late strong
ES 9190 F1 TmVF2NPoSw 200-250 multi deep red good good flat round / slightly ribbed medium strong
ES 9244 F1 TmVF2PSwTy 175-215 multi dark red excellent very firm high round early medium / strong
ES 9306 F1 VF2FcSwTy​ 290-345 multi red good good globe early strong
ES 9344 F1 TmVF2N Sw (Ty) 230-250 multi red good firm globe medium early very strong
ES 9347 F1 TmVF2NP Sw Ty 200-250 multi red LSL very firm globe medium early very strong

Tm: Tomato Mosaic Virus
V: Verticillium Wilt
F: Fusarium Wilt
N: Nematodes
Fc: Fusarium Crown and Root Rot
Po: Oidium neolycopersici
P: Tomato Bacterial Speck Virus
Sw: Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
Ty: Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus