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Determinate tomatoes for outdoor cultivation

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Our determinate tomato varieties

Ergon Seed provides a wide range of determinate tomato varieties for outdoor growing. We offer outdoor tomato varieties in two main segments, which are oval/elongated (Saladette) and round. We offer various tomato seeds for many different environments and outdoor growing conditions. All our determinate tomatoes ensure high production, uniformity and excellent fruit quality.

Growing determinate tomatoes outdoors

When it comes to the production of determinate tomato varieties, Ergon Seed strives to supply tomato hybrids that are adapted to the demands of the professional grower. All our determinate tomato varieties are resistant to the following diseases: Root Knot Nematode (N), Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (Sw) and Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (Ty). This is in addition to the standard resistances of all our tomato varieties.

Assortment determinate tomato varieties

In line with Ergon Seed’s value proposition, we only provide the best quality determinate tomato varieties. Our well-known determinate tomato varieties include the “Blocky/Roma” type and the “Round” type which distinguish themselves with their good shelf life and firmness. Further product specifications can be found by clicking on the desired determinate tomato variety. As the names indicate, the “Blocky/Roma” type can be recognized by its blocky/saladette shape and the “Round” type by its round/globe shape.

Assortment determinate tomato varieties

Blocky/Roma type
Round type

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