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Pickling cucumbers

variety plant vigour fruit length /L/D ratio fruit colour fruit skin growing period single / multi fruit resistance / tolerance remarks pdf
ES 2213 F1 medium 8-9 cm / 3.1:1 dark green spined spring, summer multi fruit Ccu/Px(exSf)(hr), CMV/Pcu(ir) strong and stable variety producing firm fruits Download PDF
ES 2216 F1 medium 9-10 cm / 3:1 green spined spring, summer multi fruit Ccu(ir), Px(exSf)/CMV(hr), Pcu(ir) for indoor and outdoor cultivation Download PDF
ES 2217 F1 medium/strong 9-10 cm / 3.1:1 dark green smooth spring, summer semi multi fruit Px(exSf)/CMV(hr), Pcu(ir) stable production of uniform dark green fruits Download PDF

Ccu: Cladosporium cucumerinum (Scab)
Px(exSf): Powdery Mildew
CMV: Cucumber Mosaic Virus
Pcu: Downy Mildew

ir: intermediate resistance
hr: high resistance

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