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Assorted vegetables

Assorted vegetables

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Our assortment of different types of vegetables

Ergon Seed is active in the supply of seeds of different vegetable varieties.


Ergon Seed offers different types of eggplant varieties. We offer eggplant varieties that are suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. Ergon Seed’s eggplant varieties are deep dark black coloured.

Ergon Seed has two eggplant varieties in its assortment, an eggplant variety for outdoor cultivation (ES 3530 F1) and an eggplant variety for indoor cultivation (ES 3538 F1).

Eggplant variety (ES 3530 F1) for outdoor growing has a wide adaptability and is grown in many countries. Moreover, this eggplant variety is early and highly productive. Our eggplant variety for indoor cultivation has an excellent performance under protected circumstances. This variety exceeds in its segment.

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Varieties of vegetables

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In several areas Ergon is also active in the supply of onions, cauliflower and melon varieties. If you would like to receive more information on a certain crop, please contact us through our contact form.