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Wednesday 23 January 2019

New tomato varieties under test in Almeria/Spain

The beginning of this first month in the new year we visited Almeria/Spain, where we saw and evaluated our new tomato varieties under test.

Below a short impression of some of Ergon’s best performing varieties.

ES 5392 F1 and ES 5401 F1
We evaluated two dark green beef tomato varieties both with full resistances, including Ty. Strong plants with uniform fruits. The varieties are convenient for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

ES 5392 F1 is a compact plant with an excellent fruit set under colder weather conditions. The fruits have a very dark green colour. Fruit weight 275-350 grams.

ES 5401 F1 is a variety with a wide adaptabilty . The plant produces uniform, medium dark green, big fruits. Fruit weight 300-400 grams.

ES 5323 F1 and ES 5368 F1
In the greenhouse we also saw two of Ergon’s new medium sized red tomato varieties for single pick. Both varieties have full resistances, including Ty.

ES 5323 F1 is a strong plant with nice clusters and firm fruits. Fruit weight around 270 grams.

ES 5368 F1 is a strong and productive variety with nice uniform clusters. Fruit weight around 160-210 grams.

ES 5005-241 F1
Next to the above mentioned varieties we observed a nice mini plum tomato variety ES 5005-241 F1. Fruit weight around 20 grams, uniform clusters and uniform fruits for single pick. The plant has a high yield of very tasty mini plum tomatoes. Full resistances including Sw and Ty.

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Please find below an impression of all the varieties mentioned above.

evaluating Ergon’s tomato varieties in Almeria/Spain