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Thursday 20 May 2021

New pickling cucumber varieties

This news item we would like to highlight the two promising pickling cucumber varieties ES 2228 F1 and ES 2241 F1. Both varieties have open, short plants with uniform dark green spiny fruits. One of the strongest points of both varieties is that they produce multi-fruit.

ES 2228 F1 has fruits with a size of 12-13 centimeters and stands out for its strong plant and high and early yield of firm fruits. The resistance/tolerance is Ccu/Px (exSf) (hr), CMV/Pcu(ir).

ES 2241 F1 has fruits with an average size of 13-14 centimeters. This variety is distinguished by a powerful root system with high quality fruits and a good cold tolerance. The resistance/tolerance is Ccu/Px (exSf) (hr), CMV/Pcu(ir).

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