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Monday 12 October 2020

Ergon's cherry and candy tomato

In this news item we briefly highlight two of our special and very interesting tomato varieties, namely varieties ES 5005-270 F1 and ES 51076 F1. Please check our summary and pictures below for more information.

ES 5005-270 F1

This is a type of cherry tomato with an exceptional deep red fruit colour. The fruit is firm, round, has an excellent quality and is very tasteful. The weight of the fruit is between 10-15 grams.

And it is not only the fruits themselves that we can recommend, because the plants have good qualities as well; they are remarkably compact and strong.

Resistance: TmVF2NSwTy

ES 51076 F1

This is also a variety that produces attractive fruits that you want to eat right away, in one bite!

This variety can be described as a candy tomato. The special characteristics of this variety are that the fruits are elongated and have nice round bottoms. The plants are strong and very productive due to large clusters. This variety grows very well in the Mediterranean area.

Resistance: TmFNPSwTy

ES 5005-270 F1

ES 51076 F1

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