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Tuesday 30 July 2019

Ergon's pickling cucumbers

Ergon’s pickling cucumber varieties (gherkins) are undoubtedly on the rise.

Each year Ergon receives more and more positive feedback from its customers about our pickling cucumber varieties. It is good to learn that year by year there is a growing interest from the farmers in our gherkins.

ES 2213 F1 (outdoor)
For the outdoor cultivation we have our well-known variety ES 2213 F1 in our assortment. This variety is highly productive, very stable under all kinds of growing circumstances. The variety has a full resistance package.

For the indoor cultivation we have two varieties available, viz varieties ES 2216 F1 and ES 2217 F1.

ES 2216 F1 (indoor)
Variety ES 2216 F1 is a very productive variety, it has an open vegetation and produces deep green uniform spined fruits. This year we received excellent results from this variety from Russia, where they were grown in plastic tunnels in spring and autumn. Complete resistances.

ES 2217 F1 (indoor and outdoor)
This productive variety produces very uniform fruits with a smooth skin. The variety can be grown either outdoor on a wire or indoor in plastic tunnels. This variety also has a full resistance package.

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