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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Ergon's new kumato, yellow and orange tomatoes

As of this summer Ergon has three very special tomato varieties in its assortment, viz. a kumato tomato, a deep yellow- and a deep orange tomato.

Kumato tomato ES 5450 F1
Our new kumato tomato ES 5450 F1 is an excellent nice uniform tomato with a very good bite and an intense taste. The variety matures from the inside and has a shiny, golden green/deep brown colour. Kumato tomato ES 5450 F1 is very suitable for use in salads, especially for its crisp and firm fruit flesh.
More features:
- resistant to TmVF2NSw
- fruit weight 100 – 120 grams
- healthy and balanced plant

Deep yellow tomato ES 5451 F1
Variety ES 5451 F1 is a very deep yellow, shiny tomato with a very crisp taste and mild flavour. The plant produces very firm uniform clusters. Variety ES 5451 F1 is also very suitable for use in salads. Together with our other two specialties it makes a colourful palette on our plate.
More features:
- resistant to TmVF2
- fruit weight 130 – 140 grams
- healthy and balanced plant

Orange tomato ES 5447 F1
Our new variety ES 5447 F1 produces very uniform clusters with shiny, deep orange coloured fruits. The fruits have a balanced taste, a perfect combination of sugars and acids. Orange tomatoes contain a higher content of beta carotene (provitamin A) than red tomatoes, which contributes to healthy bones, skin and growth. Beta carotene may also play a role as an antioxidant.
Some more features:
- resistant to TmVF2N
- fruit weight 130 – 150 grams
- healthy and balanced plant

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Please find the pictures below.

kumato tomato ES 5450 F1:

deep yellow tomato ES 5451 F1:

deep orange tomato ES 5447 F1: