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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Ergon’s new assortment Jalapeño pepper varieties

As of now Ergon has two brand new Jalapeño pepper varieties available in its assortment, viz.
ES 7512 F1 for fresh consumption
ES 7513 F1 for processing/canning

After intensive testing in the last two years we are happy to be able to add these two hybrid Jalapeño varieties to our assortment.

ES 7512 F1
This variety is a medium compact plant. ES 7512 F1 produces very uniform big fruits with a fruit weight of 65-75 grams. Nice dark green fruit colour, medium earliness. The fruits are mild pungent. Suitable for fresh consumption.

ES 7513 F1
This variety is a medium compact plant with short internodes and a high production potential. Dark green uniform fruits with a fruit weight of 42-48 grams. Because of the concentrated uniform setting and the easy release of the calyx this variety is very convenient for processing/canning.

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