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Sunday 12 January 2020

Ergon's dark green tomatoes

We see a growing interest in dark green tomatoes in countries where they are not traditionally grown, such as in Russia and Croatia.

Ergon Seed has two dark green tomato varieties with an excellent performance in its assortment for the cultivation in plastic tunnels and even for outdoor growing.

Variety ES 5392 F1
ES 5392 F1 is an early and compact variety with an easy fruit set. The plant produces 5 to 6 uniform fruits per cluster with a fruit weight of 250-350 grams. The variety has a wide adaptability, because of an excellent disease resistant package of TmVF2NSwFcTy.

Variety ES 5401 F1
ES 5401 F1 is a strong variety with very nice, smooth dark green fruits with a flat round shape. Fruit weight 240-350 grams. The variety is medium early. ES 5401 F1 performs excellent under Mediterranean circumstances. Resistant to TmVF2NTy.

Main cultivation periods for both varieties are spring, summer and early autumn. The fruits must be picked in green stage or semi mature stage!

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Dark green tomato ES 5392 F1

Dark green tomato ES 5401 F1