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Monday 30 March 2020

Ergon's new baby cucumber varieties

Although the coronavirus has our full attention and with which we want to deal with care, attention and policy, we would like to bring to your attention our latest trials of our baby cucumber varieties.

This winter we tested two new baby cucumber varieties, viz. ES 2467 F1 and ES 2468 F1. In particular ES 2467 F1 performed excellent in our trials.

Variety ES 2467 F1
Variety ES 2467 F1 is a balanced plant with medium sized leaves, short internodes with one to two fruits per node. The variety produces very nice uniform fruits and has an excellent yield.

Variety ES 2468 F1
Variety ES 2468 F1 has the same excellent performance, but this variety is more convenient to be grown under colder circumstances; the variety has slightly slender fruits.

Both varieties are very worthwhile to be tested. Please contact our office for more information and samples.

Below you will find a first impression. We hope to be able to supply you with more photos later in the season.

It only remains for us to wish all of you much strength and courage in these difficult and confusing times.