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Monday 22 October 2018

Coeur de Boeuf tomato

In this month’s news we will highlight the French tomato variety Coeur de Boeuf. This tomato is not very well known yet, but as it is a very delightful and tasty tomato, we have pleasure in sharing it with you.

The tomato has a very uncommon appearance. It has the shape and size of an oxheart, after which it was named (French). In Italy they are called Cuore di Bue and in the UK they are known as Oxheart tomatoes. Today there are several types of Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes normally spotted with a distinctive pointed shape, either forming at the top or the bottom of the tomato.

With this tomato, the ripening process starts from the inside outwards. The fruit is ripe and tasteful even though it is still green. This tomato is strongly and attractively ribbed, has sloping sides and is light in colour. The Coeur de Boeuf is not only special because of the excellent sweet taste and the light-coloured appearance, but is also distinguished by the full flesh and the moderate juice and acid content. The Coeur de Boeuf has a soft texture and is a uniform and consistent tomato to grow.

This meaty tomato is perfect for slicing and stuffing. Traditionally they will be eaten when still green and under ripe as many believe this is the best way to eat them. Others prefer to let the tomato fully ripen. Just a matter of taste.

Also in soups and sauces it is the perfect tomato. The skin just dissolves while cooking it, so you do not need to puree your dish.

In this segment Ergon is proud to launch its very new varieties ES 5433 F1 and ES 5434 F1 (see pictures below). Our varieties are very uniform, less sensitive to blotchy ripening and they have a high total yield together with a good disease package.

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