Welcome to Ergon

What is Ergon?
Ergon International N.V. has been supplying high quality vegetable seeds to the global market since 1995. The business is located in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands.

What do we do?
We import and export vegetable seeds, specialising in crops such as tomatoes, mini cucumbers, (water)melons, squash and peppers as well as the provision of rootstocks. Our main focus is to supply the market with superior quality vegetable seeds. All our seeds are produced under the name of Ergon Seed.


We market an assortment of high-performing vegetable varieties that yield a good and stable crop under a wide range of conditions.


We have an extensive knowledge of the market and its possibilities. One of our primary aims is to create and to offer a broad assortment of vegetable seed varieties, suited to the specific needs of our clients and their markets. We always make the customer’s requirements paramount, which results in finding the right solution.


The core of our business consists of working with fruit bearing crops, such as determinate and indeterminate tomatoes, mini cucumbers, (water)melons, squash, peppers and rootstocks. We are able to offer rootstock varieties for tomatoes, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants.


Ergon International looks forward to sharing our expertise with you.